Marketing & SEO Services

Let us work with you to develop an online marketing strategy to promote your products, services and brand, direct to your target audience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation
Search Engine Optimisation

Want to be top of Google? We can improve your ranking on natural search results and give you the best possible chance of ranking highly, if not at the top (although that does happen!).

Using methods approved by the search engines we will analyse and optimise each page on your website for Search Engines whilst maintaining full readability for visitors.

'Blackhat' techniques are never used as this could result in websites being blacklisted by Search Engines.

We also offer a link building service which helps raise the profile of your website in terms of Search Engines by having incoming links from 3rd party websites that are related in some way to your business, whether it be by industry or region.

Paid Advertising/Pay Per Click (PPC)/Google Adwords

Google Adwords
Google Adwords Campaigns

Online marketing can work well and its returns are quantifiable, proving that your investment is worth it. We create campaigns that are highly specific in targeting the right people (via highly specific search terms) in the right place (geographically located if applicable) at the right time (some people only come out at night to play!).

A trial campaign (usually Google Adwords) with a fixed budget is always the first step, limiting your financial risk, and proving that a campaign will work. Subsequently an ongoing campaign will run at whatever level of investment you like, and will be maintained by PumpkinPip for you to keep it running smoothly, and working for its money. You will be given information such as the cost to acquire an order or client enquiry for each search phrase sponsored, and how the budget is spent.

Social Media Marketing & Email Campaigns

Social Media Marketing & Email Campaigns
Social Media Marketing

Social media is a relatively inexpensive platform from which marketing campaigns can be launched. We now offer Facebook advertising for clients who have a Facebook page, and if you don't, contact us to set one up for you.

We also offer a few different options for setting up and running regular email campaigns to suit your preferences, the size of your target audience, and budget. We can even integrate data from your website contact or mailing list signup form to your existing database or spreadsheet. Contact us for more information.